Manning up

Want to see my design and linux skills all in one place? Want to see examples of my cunning, witty, computer humor tied into years of experience in the webhosting industry? Well you are in luck today my friends. Click below to have all of your wishes and dreams fulfilled.

Prove it


Driven by the Web

With years of experience in optimizing, managing, and maintaining webservers, stop waiting for your page to load, and start serving your pages at superior speeds. Don't be caught in the past, feed others your virtual dust.

Go Faster



Don't worry about me, the coffee is already brewed. All programs are better with well functioning code that has been closely troubleshooted and developed. Don't send your next project to those other sleepyheads.Wake up and smell the coffee!

My Brew

Science Experiment

Practice makes perfect.

Don't let your next project become a science experiment. Use the experience of a seasoned programmer, coupled with the troubleshooting ability of a senior linux administrator, and finally put your worries behind you. With this tag team duo behind you, you are ready to go viral.

Don't worry, Be Happy

Satisfaction would be setting the bar too low, I strive to ensure complete customer/employer happiness. Going above and beyond is my career secret to successful, positive business relationships.

terminal windowroot@ryanhartje.com

[root@ryanhartje.com ~ ]$ man Ryan Hartje
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Ryan Hartje - create, modify, update, develop solutions for Linux Systems, automation, monitoring, and user experience
Ryan Hartje allows you to sit back and stop worrying about your next project. Equipped with a toolbox of rocket propelled code, polished design skills, and great conversational skills, Ryan Hartje will engage your users to love your product or project even more with the following subcommands.
Javascript/jQuery - Give your site more interaction, and enhance user experience with javascript and jQuery. The agile development process allows the inclusion of jQuery UI and jQuery mobile to fill out feature requests in quick sprints
CSS3 Animations - Shake things up a little bit, don't be scared. No one likes looking at a dull, dead, lifeless website. Animating elements draws attention, and is a good way to keep the user engaged.
PHP - Working on your CMS has never been easier. Forget about the code and let a pro deal with the server side scripting.
Agile Design - Trade long production cycles and expensive costs for elegant, fully customized code maintained by the open source community
Virtualization - Get help with your latest Vmware Esxi or Openstack cloud issue.

[root@ryanhartje.com ~ ]$ ls
[root@ryanhartje.com ~ ]$ 

Bad Humour

Is your website getting unbearable?

It's time to end the pandamonium. Don't let your website become the antique section of the internet. Stay on top of lead capture, user happiness, and CMS integration. If you have ideas for your site but don't know how to put them into action, contact me today.

Running out of time?

Meet timeframes and deadlines with a smile. Cut out long elaborate projects when you choose only the best software or templates to expand. This saves time and money while delivering quality, feature rich applications in the fraction of the time, for a fraction of the costs.